Meet the Maker

Hi Friends, 👋 a few new Folks on my page & I can be a bit cagey about my personal deets, so I thought I would run through 5 fun facts about me and why I Art.

☆Fun Facts☆

1.I once walked through an old Volcano in Iceland, Katla was its name. Its rock surfaces were still warm. Blew my mind.

2. I love looking for lucky stones. Or little rocks with natural formed holes in them. We used to do this all the time as kids. Our family once had a cabin in Gimli, Manitoba. We spent so many summers doing it that I coul spot a lucky stone in play ground pea gravel.

3. I am psychic enough that I can absolutely tell when something I have made with my hands and mailed to someone has arrived. It’s useless finding lost keys, but hand-made items in the mail, gotcha covered.

4. I can whistle just like a bird. It is fun to make the sound around birds and see their reactions. I don’t know what I am saying, it is likely bird sounding gobble-dy-gook 🤣

5. I am a cat person. I love our dogs,too, but at my core, I love cats. I miss our cats. Bullseye was our last. He was a character, ooh he drove us nuts too. I love thinking of him and remembering the weight of his fury body on my lap. I try to remember the feel of touching all my pets. With people , its smells that anchor their essence into my memory.

Creating has always been what I see as Art. I grew up around creative people Creating. Even the generation of adults around me when I was young were the crafty kids, accustomed to fixing or making their own things.

I find it immensely satisfying to create. Not only for the thing I make but for the desire to follow through on that impulse. I feel the creative impulses come from the Soul.

Not the Mind or thinking part of our interiors. I don’t sit and think about the art I want to Make, it comes up all invisible like, and surprises me into working.

My Soul is inspired and Art is the answering call in my life.

Hugs! Thank you for being on my art-venture 🎨✨️🌈🥳



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