April is for Alchemy ✨️ Day 1

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Day 1 ‘ April Fool Fish’ ✨️ 💖

A Visual Arts Alchemy/Biodynamics 30 day Art challenge!

Re-connect with the Rythm and Cycles within you and your art by working in your way with the prompts.

HOW: You chose your favorite art media and create what the prompt inspired in you!

Today is April 1st. April Fools is an echo of a few ancient traditions, the Fools errand or prank style of irreverent activities and a much older and more mysterious celebration was the Pagan New Year.

The Star Calendar starts over as Pisces transitions to Airies. The Pisces rule over our feet and Airies our heads. An ancient Yoga Backbend pose illustrates the Zodiac wheel at work in mankind.

I chose to use bright colors ✨️ to set the tone of Celebration!

🩷 A QUESTION for your Quest:
Are you a Fool for your Art?
How far will you follow its Process + Synchronisities?
A Wise Fool is a person who is has learned to see the ordinary through New eyes!

‘Been there done that ” is cured instantly by the Foolish!

Free PDF printable available in my linked blog if you want to do the challenge using the Stencil I am using 🌈

Tag @elementofemphasis & use the #aprilisforalchemy to join the Fun.

I have included how I created the art if you want to copy it to join thefun. Goo right ahead!

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