This Week’s elements of Emphasis #elementofemphasis

A little slice of the next couple of days.

🌙♐️🍒🍎~ moving to 🌙♑️🥔🥕 on the 17th

Fire grounds well in the Earth.
Fire and Earth relationships are complex and beautiful.
I imagine volcanoes and flowing magma, Bon fires 🔥 around, which we love to tell tales.
Sparks and warmth, hearth and home.
Harvest what you can with your trusty bow and arrow / The Archer until then.
Then rest, take a beat.

How can the movement from Scorpio (last sign) through the current Sagittarius to the coming
Capricorn speak to your inner elements of emphasis?
You might look at it this way through Biodynamic inspired ideas – these 3 signs are winter signs. Emphasizing the slowing down cooling off cycles of fall winter. So slow down, in the way best suited to YOU – contemplate why slowing down and taking stock of your art process or studio space might be of value.
What stands out for you?

It’s early spring, with the Equinox coming up. The Earth’s about to shift from her Indrawing Energy cycle to her pushing energy out towards the stars through us cycle- as the Equinox occurs.
The Winter Solstice was the shifting of the Sun’s Arc across the sky, now rising higher and later, yayyyyy! More light ✨️


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