Myethology 23

My New Collection is a small, cozy one of 6 stretched canvas paintings. 

I wanted to do a small collection for a few reasons.
As an Artist on Social Media you can get caught up in the “Hustle” and bustle of Sales and Shopping seasons and loose focus of the Inner seasons. 

My inner season right now is very Watery and quiet.

It doesn’t feel like Spring. And I am learning that, that’s OK and doesn’t mean I am not an Artist.

Being able to get into the Consumer Cycle is great and useful…I lived in it as a Hairstylist for 20yrs.  My Art did aswell by extension.

I am off that cycle, and it definitely took a while to find my legs an get my bearings.
My new cycle synch with the school seasons. 

My Art is not as pressured to follow this. 

In a school (my day job), there is no ‘SALE’ or marketplace, emphasis.

  And that has liberated my heart to direct things from a sustainable space!
So #myethology23 is a taste of my new cycle.

Inspired by tales of times before time, #myethology23 is a limited 6 piece sretched Canvas Collection, featuring a watercolor base and matte collage, acrylic paint and ink layers!


1 – 4 x 4 inch each $25.00 + Shipping
3 – 8 x 8 inch each $50.00+ Shipping
2 – 11 x 14 inch each $90.00 + Shipping
All are half inch depth

Available on March 19th! I am looking forward to sharing the unique tales this week as we get close to their release. Follow on Instagram for the details.

#myethology23 #watercoloroncanvas #watercolouroncanvas #mythicalcreature #myth #stories #majalarsonstudio #MajaLarsonStudio #mixedmediaartstyle #wallart #deskart

Hugs Friends!!

Find the individual details in my Instagram posts


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