Bye bye Etsy

Big News Friends! Plz read⬇️

After a lot of thought, especially about my International friends ❤
I am moving my Shop( so to speak) – to Instagram and closing down my Etsy (it will go into Holiday mode).

I am nervous for sure 🙏

This new change goes into effect immediately.

This week coming I will be Featuring Fall themed pieces from my Etsy shop on SALE!!

Follow me on Instagram and add me to.your Favorites for up to the minute notice!

🌟November 1st i will be Launching my 1st of 2 Winter Collections.🌟

Thankyou to all my Etsy shoppers!!! I am so grateful for your kindness and support!! Your reviews are so appreciated!!
I will be carrying those to my website ❤

majalarsonstudio #artmanitoba #bignews #canadianartist #fineartcanada #instaartgallery


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  1. Hi Maja,

    When I started my website in 2015, I decided I would not sell on etsy and have not regretted it yet. I have known friends who went that route only to get lost among all the sellers there. I too prefer Instagram or Facebook or my own website for selling because I am easier to find in those places. (I am releasing a limited non-commissioned series in the near future but commissioned work keeps me busy). Wishing you luck! Cheers from eastern Ontario.


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