Storms a Stirring Gallery exhibit in Winnipeg

Storms a stirring, storms were my choice of natural phenomenon to encapsulate the beginning of my exclusive use of Natural Earth Pigments and plant based acrylic mediums, and Watercolors in my Art work.

What relationship doesn’t have a stormy phase. For me its the beginning, just lets go! I was so pleased and the vitality and energy I was able to bring to these 5 paintings.

I love storms so it is my secret joy to share with you my favorite scenes.

From the safety of the porch at night, from the edge of a forest looking onto a field, just as a storm hits a field of sunflowers, the not so relative safety of getting caught at sea, and the eerie calm and sky on a lake after a storm.

This beautiful collection is one of the few were you can view my art in person. It is available to purchase through the Gallery Itself and is NOT available on Etsy. Please use the link above to go directly the the Art Gallery website. Jordan Miller is the outstanding gallery curator who will facilitate the transaction for you!

Please feel free to email or direct message me on Instagram should you have any questions! This collection will be available to view in person among many other amazing works of art for 4 weeks!

If you are in Winnipeg and stop in, please let me know how your visit went. Or tag me in a selfie on Instagram @maja_paints

Thank you again for your company on this Art-venture, I couldn’t do it without your encouragement and support! All my love and best wishes!

Maja xo


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