April is for Alchemy #aprilisforalchemy this Friday


Join me for 30 days of Alchemy prompts!

Starting this Friday April 1st -8th we will explore our Studios through the eyes of an Alchemist and on the 9th we will explore the 22 mysterious images that is called, SPLENDOR SOLIS.

Wikipedia sayeth:

“The author of the manuscript was considered to be the legendary Salomon Trismosin, allegedly the teacher of Paracelsus, though the name is believed to be a pseudonym. The work consists of a sequence of 22 elaborate images, set in ornamental borders and niches. The symbolic process shows the classical alchemical death and rebirth of the king, and incorporates a series of seven flasks, each associated with one of the then-known planets. Within the flasks a process is shown involving the transformation of bird and animal symbols into the Queen and King, the white and the red tincture. “

Its hodge podge history is too vast and complex for lil ol me to explore.

However the 22 Images are fascinating and inspiring.

Let’s be Fools for our Art for 30 days!

Let’s Ask Questions and let our Art answer.


Join me LIVE this Friday for the First Prompt!! #aprilisforalchemy #aprilfools

What you need*

YOUR Favorite media! I am a visual Artist, but YOU DO YOU for this challenge! ART / SONG/ WRITING/ PERFORMANCE/ BAKING / CRAFTING

What is YOUR art? There is Alchemy in it trust me!!! The Perennial Philosophy is the Exilir of the Living!

Thankyou for your kindness and support of my Art and Classes!

Love, Maja xo prompt list below


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