In Progress/ Acrylic Medium on Canvas

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In progress 11 x 14 inch stretched canvas synthetic acrylic paint underlayer and wet grade tissue with acrylic paint sealed with plant based non toxic acrylic medium

The Art of Progress you might say. I am trying out undiluted Acrylic Medium by Natural Earth Paints using Wet Grade tissue paper with Acrylic paint of unknown and known origin. Very much like my life lol. A culmination of assumptions based on experience and conjecture. Of known and unknown origins. Sealed in a product of quality of Conciousness.

Rainbow hued paper towels feature as moody clouds in the sky. A gift from a fellow Glamour Possum in a Happy Mail care package.

The acrylic paint underneath is kids craft paint. Rainbow hues pop out and are a reflection of the day they were made an Art crawl event in Selkirk Manitoba! The public contributed to the chaos underlayer. To me that’s a powerful collaboration!

I look forward to joining the Art crawl again next year using all non toxic paints by Natural Earth paints for sure!


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