Time for a Transition to Natural Paints

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NON toxic and mixed by my own hands! I am so thrilled to be deepening my Art Education. I work Primarily in Acrylic paints and Inks.

So when I found Natural Earth Paints on Instagram I was excited to see they had begun to offer a Plant based Non toxic Acrylic Medium that was Also amazing as Collage medium/ Semi Gloss Varnish!

I have begun my Journey into the Art of creating your own paint with their amazing Ink Recipe. I bought their Watercolor Kit and Acrylic Medium to start with. It comes with a great array of colors to experiment with. The Pigment Inks use Gum Arabic and water.

Here is full strength Pigment ink and an acrylic paint I made mixing the ink and medium. Burnt Sienna Pigment. Each pigment will vary in the Water needed due to its type and your own Studio environment.

I have created a Venetian Red Ink and decided to add acrylic medium to my mixture to reduce the rub off of straight pigment based ink. I will post my results this weekend along with the making of Ultramarine blue.


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