Salt levels for Sunday: Runes in Cancer

According to my calendar the new moon was yesterday, today the Moon Magnifies the Constellation of Cancer and its a Flower Day Bio dynamically speaking. Its also my 17 year wedding Anniversary with my loving husband! Crazy! The Alchemy of our relationship inspires me in all ways, good bad and ugly, I am all in.

As we are in a Water Sign today it would be advantageous to work with Runes you associate with the Element of Water! Truly the most fascinating Element! Seeing our own Canadian Astronaut Chris Hadfield wring out a towel in space was so intriguing to see! What a time to be alive. Water is generally associated with Spirit & Emotions. If you are looking for insights I recommend looking into the work of Dr. Emoto, and also the “Coandă Effect” . Water is Magic.

Back to my Runes here. For the record go ahead and use this order of the runes. I meditated on which Runes were best suited for this Element For myself in 2013. If YOU don’t resonate with the ordering, Do your own Work, and then EXPLORE the relationships between them! That is the GIFT, the MAGIC I am sharing. Not some formula for skipping ahead rather a tool for NAVIGATION!

The 2 truths of Life, You are What you Think and Say you Are. Apply to everyone and every thought …

If you practice your Art (whatever it is) EVERY DAY, then that is Focused Attention and it will Grow.

Water’ s Runes reflect, the inner Journey of our Etheric body as well as the impacts of the Physical world around us. The Runes as I have laid out speak of the Souls integration of Spirits High Speed electricity into Vitality for the body and mind.

1.To meditate with this particular sequence, or any sequence I offer, check with your Inner Voice to see if this is in alignment with your Highest Self.

2. Ground and center as you see fit. Go to you Inner Sacred Space. See the 7 Runes for Water laid out on your table. Open your Heart and then your Third eye, what Package of Information waits for you? Do you experience any of the Senses being triggered? Or is your mind engaging with a sentence that the Runes string together? There is no wrong way to learn from yourself. We are not inviting Divine beings, we are allready abiding with the ones we are meant to. Write down your experiences during or after. Attuning yourself to the Runes in this way enables a much deeper, Intuitive and comprehensive understanding between your Subconscious, Concious and Super Conscious Self .

3. A part of me wants to lay out my whole process for you, today I am like water and want to pour out myself to all corners of my vessel. But that is not encouraged, YOU need to find YOUR process. Engage yourself, don’t wait for outside to match your insides,it isn’t likely going to, ever.

4. So take my 6 Water Runes or yours, put them in your Sacred Space or on the Fridge, out were you can see them and as you move through the day explore what your thinking/feeling when one catches your eye. Spirit is fast you need to be connected to your own Soul to catch even a glimpse.

Or here is the simplest medication with water that will blow your mind, STIRRING! Try holding a rune in your minds eye and STIRRING water (look up how Stirring is used in Biodynamics!). If you practice Energy Healing, ENGAGE your energy centers, start dialoguing with your Anima or Animus, ask the bazillion questions you dare not ask out loud , ask your Self! Be open to answers!!

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I am definitely interested in feedback or dialogue on working with the Runes in this fashion.

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Happy New Moon in Cancer friends!


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