The Energy Song by Erika Goodman

The Energy Song weaves the Nature of Soul care into a song. Sing along with the Energy Song and tune into your inner connection to life and light.

Creating the art for Erika’s book was an unexpected joy during a Spring that saw the world turned on its side due to Covid- 19. We had been on total lockdown for 2mths, and the future was far from certain. The time spent day dreaming and trial and error was an excellent use of mind power during a Pandemic!

Having been friends as kids, and keeping in touch via Facebook Erika approached me allready familiar with my various styles. I have been a student of the metaphysical arts and was immediately inspired to work with her!

I was unable to make the more ethereal elements of energy so Erika recruited Samantha Don to help see her Vision through!! A timely collaboration between 3 dedicated Artists!

by Erika Goodman

Illustrated by Maja Larson, (paper illustrations)

Illustrated by Samantha Don, (digital art enhancement)


Co illustrated by
Maja Larson & Samantha Don

“Open your mind, access your spirit, and surround yourself with happiness in The Energy Song—an introduction to your true nature as an energy being!”

Available on Good Reads!

 Support Independent Artists, you can buy a copy at the links below. Hard Cover Editions available soon!






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Maja Larson is a Creative Artist and Unconventional thinker which inspires and informs here mixed media body of Art work.  Her central theme explores the ancient Perennial Philosophy known as Alchemy. 

 The Energy Song provided the unique opportunity to fuse past and present by creating images for a childhood friends beautiful book that encourages Soul care and the magic that is generated in the process. 

I am so thrilled to share her Heart’s work and that I was able to contribute! I am looking forward to creating another Published piece! Stay tuned!

Love Maja


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