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Salt levels for Sunday is a Blog that explores everyday Inner / Mental Emotional Alchemy. These posts are included as linked references on the main page

The charts name comes from an error in the order of planets within the chart. Instead of the Ladder of planets I transcribed the planetary hours for the Salt Levels for a Sunday.

Working on a digital download. A new one in the works with a bigger heart for easier viewing. Copyright M.Larson 2021

The Chart is not meant to force correspondents.  It’s a representation of the magical alphabets that are a part of my inner process of Inner Alchemy.

The Cartouche Arrangement comes from a list created by its author with a rune book author.  Murry Hope Author of the Cartouche and the Runes by Ralph Blum.

I felt very strongly that the Correspondences of the 4 Elements they (Hope & Blume) had agreed on, were the anchor pins for my own exploration.

They are situated and represent the 4 directions, elements and represent the Root Chakra.  North / Earth Catouche , East/ Air Cartouche, South Is the Fire Cartouche, West is the Water Cartouche. The rest of the Runes were added in based on their affinity for each stage of human spirituality as well as the 6 chakras.  The crown chakra is represented by the entirety of the Mandala.

The Ogham is inscribed in accordance with Yuri Leitch Ogham grove.  As are the 4 seasonal pentagrams in the center if the glyph.

  The Alchemist’s Square of Opposition is at the heart, generating the Celestial Fire Focused nature of the Art.

The Ladder of planets and Zodiac ring around the square of Opposition….along with the Salt Levels planetary hours for a Sunday.

The Cartouche Arrangement is derived from the Runic Correspondence by Hope and Blume. Their Intuitive Arrangement of Cartouche and Runes helped me to reflect on the 7 stages of human Spirituality and the relationship between the chakras runes is my Intellectual Contribution. And I am looking forward to exploring them with renewed perspectives.

Each Wheel in the the Mandala is unique, do not try blending Magical System’s with it, its not intended for such use. The individual wheels are explored in more depth in their own posts. Each system can be Meditated on, they definitely function as Archetypes and Guides for Pathworking. Its not a magical correspondence device.

So what’s the point of it? Mindfulness. I am reminded of the world behind the world and life seems more energized. Exploring Relationships is a Very Helpful, Healthful way to Focus. Included in the Individual Themed posts are suggestions for you to try out in your everyday. Rinse and Repeat in the Alchemist Way.

I welcome your feedback and experiences with the Salt Levels for Sunday chart! Email me / subject: Salt Levels for Sunday /

See the Main Page for the Post Links relating to the Salt levels for Sunday Mandala.

Oakbank, Manitoba, Canada

Maja Larson





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