Salt levels for Sunday/ Runes

Back in 2013 I went through an intense exploration of my inner relationships with my Ancestral Runes and Ogham Alphabets.

Freja’s Ring

The Runes have been in my Life since Childhood, their shapes familiar and their voice clear inside me. My Meditation produced a sequence of order that assigned 6 of the 24 Runes to one of the Four Elements. The First Runes to be established were the ones associated with Murry Hopes Elemental Cartouche cards, a collaboration of correspondences with Raplph Blumes Runes. In this case Othila / Earth, Raido/ Air, Kano/ Fire, Laguz/Water. (Rune / Cartouche)

The Four Keys inspired the relationships of the remaining Runes into the 7 stages of human Spirituality.

Runes/ Chakras / 7 stages of Spirituality

I will be offering Meditations in upcoming posts!

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Thanks Maja.

Rough digital version, new expanded heart version on its way. Copyright M.Larson 2021

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