April Fools day

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Happy April fool’s day!

Day 1 of #aprilisforalchemy today’s prompt is ‘April Fools’ 🔥
The origin of April Fools day is tangled up in ancient observances and modern mendacity.

The Fool is an important Archetype in the array of human potentials. Its the 0 card in most Tarot. I have created 2 tarot art decks and a few sets of Runes in my day, and the 0 is key. Its the moment of Orientation.

In my contemplating leading up to today, which were impacted by the first super full moon of 2021, I was drawn to my worn copy of, A Treatise on White Magic by A.Bailey specifically Chapter 10. It deals with our Thought-Forming capabilities and responsibilities. It describes the role of Humanities Higher Hierarchy as that of a Doola, helping to position us properly in the Womb or Vessel that is our Evolution on Earth.

Whether you can believe/accept that Framework is irrelevant to my goal, which is to help open your mind, not change it. The Fool represents the In Utero stage. When we collect ourselves, such as we find ourselves, and set out, onward with Will on our Path.
What do you hope to take with you on these 30 days, to heat, dissolve, coagulate and transform, and what do you hope to leave behind burnt up in the smoke and gases?
Vincent Van Gogh had a turbulent relationship with his life and art, we are lucky his brother kept his half of their correspondence. (I know the propensity for purging my body of work in all forms.) I had a print of his self Portrait and decided to let it guide my ‘play’ Did you know his birthday was March 30th?

He gave himself utterly when he created, that is important for us Artists and Alchemists, if we are not committed Heart & Soul we will repeat the process until we are.

Alchemy I think can help illuminate were you are in you life process by acting as a mirror of it. Knowing the Formula means no matter how asleep at the wheel you may find yourself in your life, you can always shake it off, and keep going.

The Fool knows the coin has 2 sides, and why. 🤫💖🔥🎨

16 x 20 inch stretched canvas acrylic paint + collage + matt medium + metallic gold paint pen.

@april_alchemy #vangogh #artandalchemy #emotionalalchemy #spiritual

Van Gogh Knows 2021( acrylic paint + matt medium collage+ paint pens) 16 x 20 stretched canvas $432.00 Canadian

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