Coming this April

Recently I had the immense joy to have a book recommended to me. Pretty mundane transaction but only if you see it on the surface.

I am over 40 now, and spent 10-15 yrs without the Internet and the e-book/audio book. ENCYCLOPEDIAS were how I had access to greater knowledge. Books have been my magical tools for Soul Growth.

I don’t read for Intellectual AHA’S! (Though I definitely enjoy it when it happens) I read for the experiential aspect. Reading changes you. Did you know February is #iliketoread month? I read for fresh air in my mind.

I open a book and a portal opens in my Imagination letting in Stardust to revitalize my Spirit. Not everyone likes reading for the same reasons, my husband will only read if you lock him in a room for 12 hrs. (He did a few Security jobs that drove his ADHD through the roof….books kept him sane)

Books are straight, easier to listen to the Thinkings of someone at your own speed and setting than say in person when the everday social proxemics run interference. Most books anyway.

Books on Hermetic Alchemy though…they speak in metaphors and analogies and on many levels.

The book recently recommended to me was David Ovason’s, The Zelator. My friend said I might enjoy it….BOY DID I!WOOWEE! That was straight up the Mother Load!

I may spend my remaining days unpacking the glittering blitzkrieg that was in that Knowledge Drop. AND I AM TOTALLY FINE WITH THAT.

It did highlight for me an important thread in my life, The Way of The Fool. A balm of peace oozed over old anxieties of my meandering way…it wasn’t arbitrary, I am hearing my Soul, it was just on a path with no name.

So much Imagery exploded in me that I am drawn to sharing it in the form of a month of Art of Alchemy! Follow me on Instagram for the full experience, I will be blogging but not daily lol.


I am so excited, on every level, my inner kid, teen, adult, parent are in Golden Ass first!

A month to Celebrate the Green Language that helped keep the Regeneration of Alchemy hidden in plain sight, and passed down age after age.

The most important game of ‘telephone ‘ man ever conceived!

In today’s era the needs for the Modern Alchemist are much easier met, taking the base elements of their everyday life and through attention and intention manifest a Heart-mind connection that Vitalises the Body on all levels, enabling our Inner Life to Bloom outwards. To then *DO THE HEARTS WORK.*

My Heart’s work is helping motivate folks to find their inner creative connection. To get you interested and engaged in what being And doing Creative generates in you.

I hope you will join the festivities starting April 1st!!!

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