Collage a Sirens Song

Paper crafts are a glorious shuffle-y whispery ,wet, sticky glorious (did I say glorious?) Process!

Doing gets it Done!?

That is the magic of Art & Life.

DO it! What EVER goodness it is, try out the idea! Does it fit, suit you? No? Try again. Very simple so of course very hard lol.

You can plan you can scheme you can envision Magnificence, but its all mental gymnastics if nothing gets DONE.

The move from Student to Teacher is an invisible one, with neither fan fare or signage to Signal it. Tricky business knowing the difference.

The key is in the shifting of were your Questions come from. Even tricky-er is that its a Rinse and Repeat mystery. Just like the Rainbow road level in Mario Cart 8 for Nintendo Switch, the way wraps, warps and winds its way Onward.

There is not point trying to see too far ahead, the probable-future only extends out so far, beyond it is the vast glittering potential that we are not designed to Exist while Understanding it.

Collage and I have intersected before (rinse and repeat) I remember it because of my Mother’s reaction to it…she wasn’t awash with good feedback, as she had been expecting a hand drawn Mother’s day card from me that year, not a collage. So sadly I overreacted and put collage in the ‘cheaters’ bin in my mind. Her unintended lack of enthusiasm translated as Collage isn’t real Art.

Hear I am 30 or so years later, and in the midst of an inner Renaissance and its Heavy on the Collage elements! Amanda Evanston Artwork is an AMAZING lady with an equally amazing Support Staff known as the Sparkle Squad curate an intensely active Creative online community known as the Insider’s Studio (2021 enrollment opens February 14th!!!) That has helped change my Inner relationship with Art! My recent 4 week foray into her #theartofabstractfaces was truly a gift from the gods! Working on a YouTube video to highlight it!

In the meantime its inspired a sea scape mermaid theme, which is very much in tune with my reading of David Ovason’s work, ‘The Zelator‘, this reading bring tears of joy just like Carlos Castaneda’s books do. Answers burning questions in my heart that have no physical language for asking.

The mermaids and other hybrids in myth have always attracted me. My own inner awareness of my duality seems less daunting in the face of those ancient symbols of Higher Education. This post got way longer than I expected. I will post a second one about the materials next. Here is the Art….


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