Squaring the Circle

Omg my mind is a whirlwind of Alchemy metaphors and gleaning today. Squaring the Circle, the Telescope seems like it encapsulates the Concept. Unroll a Telescope and its a square flat surface. Roll it up with a lense and Voila, the Universe is yours…one section one glimpse at a time….back to my Sing a Song of Sirens 2021 collage..

I love this Art, not only for the time period it encompasses but for the fusion of Insider’s Studio classes that helped birth it. Art is my Alchemy. I have blogged and deleted my Journey, it feels wrong to publish my un tested understandings for too long. So after a few years, I dissolved them. Those who needed to see them, did. I believe that.

So LAYERS! BLESS THEM. The first lesson I applied, was GESSO! GESSO is the magical maker of stable substrates! I used to skip prepping my canvas, FOOLISH, now its a joy to just begin by loving the moment. Gesso is sooo velvety, I love the Kinetic Relationship of brush work. Then I was thrilled to use some tips from #insidersstudioseascapes to begin the layers. I spent last Friday restlessly frustrated under a full moon. So channeled it by using up metallic acrylics on white paper for Ephemera in collages. They formed the waves and cosmic sea the 4 Sirens float in.

Busted out my new Matt medium and set to work.

The maids bodies are traced onto a heavy sheet of Watercolor paper with old art, and 2 pages from my copy of Israel Regardie’s ‘Philosopher’s Stone’, chapter 5 on Magnetism specifically .

Their hair was the lesson on #mandalarainbows !! One of my favorite lessons! I have a Rainbow themed collection currently available in the Springfield Public Library, I love making them so much. I cut out the hearts of the Rainbows for their ‘helmet’ hairdos lol I was a Stylist for 25 years lol it is an inside joke.

The #theartofabstractfaces class blew my mind and completely rewired how I translated face information. I did an impromptu Portrait of Brigid for Imbolc Yesterday without an eraser or pencil!!! I love love love their abstract underdone faces!! I didn’t want cartoon faces, so was a bit stressed. But less is always more in Portrait works and they are wonderful, each faces exudes persona . I am so happy to add the sirens to my Seascapes in my home! They carry so much of my Soul.

Hope your having a good day were and when you are.

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