The Tax man

Bob Ross and Henri Rousseau are my Inspirations for being an Artist, and Expressing my Self is why I Create.

Which might Surprise some given the Evolution of my work. These 2 gentlemen were extremely talented Visual Artists who pursued their Passion as it Pursued them.

Henri Rousseau 2017 acrylic on Watercolor paper M.Larson

It took me a couple of years of dedication to my Self to notice that in me, Artist & Art have 2 meanings.
‘Artist’ is the Way others see me.

💖 I am me, AND create Art.

I am not a Commercial Artist, were at the end of the day I shut off the Art side for a breather. Without Art , I don’t breath.

But I do have an every day and Bob Ross illustrated by example the reality of Believing in yourself.

Henri Rousseau didn’t start his career until he retired from Tax Collections in France.

Le ‘Douanier’ he was teased by his contemporaries like Picasso. (who discovers Rousseau’s Work in a second hand shop).

Rousseau’s style was called ‘Naïve, and I feel that is a category I slip neatly into.

My absolute resistance to painting for Others alone keeps my body of work a bit erratic, Young, but its my Fountain of Youth so it should have a bit of a teeming chaos feel. 😘

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